KatKin is 95% meat, and made with only fresh, real ingredients (and no fillers, preservatives, or grains). But it may take time for your cat to switch to their fresh food - domestic cats can become addicted to the fillers and flavours put in most cat foods to make them yummy. Don’t worry, however - we are here to help you make this important change.

How to transition your cat to KatKin

    1. Heat up KatKin on a plate in the microwave for 15 seconds. Cats (like us) find warm food much more appealing! We’ve also included some KatKin sprinkles - add on top of your meal for extra enticing flavour.

    2. Let them smell it: Add a spoonful of KatKin next to your cat’s old food so they become familiar with it. If they don’t try it right away, they may the next day.

    3. Slowly add more KatKin every day: Start mixing KatKin in with your cat’s old food, slowly increasing the amount of KatKin each day.

    4. Then, it’s time for the big switch: Serve KatKin (and only KatKin - no dry or wet food!) for 2 consecutive days. Your cat needs to know that this new, healthy food is the only option - if you leave out other food, they’ll almost always choose what they’re more familiar with. We know the big switch can be hard for cat parents, but know that in the wild cats live naturally in a hunting and fasted state - they can go up to a few days without any food!

Most cats will transition if you follow these steps to a ‘T’. It’s important to take it slow at first, so your cat can become familiar with the smell and taste of KatKin.

Need help?

We’re here to provide guidance or advice on a tough transition. Call us on 01618504600 or email us on meow@katkin.club to speak to one of our cat experts! 

A transition success story

“I am pleased to report that my fickle felines have given up the fight to keep their Tesco food on the menu and have embraced KatKin. The 24 hour fasting period persuaded them to reconsider the offering and slowly, slowly have abandoned their protest. Both Molly and Marz now tuck in with great appreciation and appear to be enjoying fresh food. “

Glynis, Molly & Marz

The benefits of fresh food are transformational

80% of cat parents reported a happier and more playful cat after feeding KatKin. Why? The answer is simple. Cats are carnivores, and that means protein is a much more efficient source of energy for them than carbohydrates. KatKin is 95% real meat, whereas most cat foods are less than 40% meat and rely on carbohydrates to fill them out. That means your cat will be able to convert KatKin into playful, hunting, fun loving fuel far easier than with your average cat food.

Other benefits your cat will feel:

  • Month 1 - Better digestion and less mess in the box

  • Month 2 - More energy and playfulness

  • Month 3 - Shinier, thicker coats and less hairballs

  • Month 4 - Long term weight management

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