Cats are neophobic animals - that means they have an irrational dislike of anything unfamiliar or new. This is an evolutionary trait that developed in the wild to prevent cats from eating something new that could potentially be harmful. That’s why in our transitioning guidance we recommend you take things slowly at first - introduce just a spoonful of KatKin, for example, so they can get used to the smell.  

This is where the plot thickens - commercial cat food is full of chemicals and flavour enhancers that override these instincts in cats, and make them wedded to their food bowl. Hence we have a cat obesity epidemic - over 52% of cats in the UK are overweight.

KatKin, on the other hand, is 100% natural, with a 95% meat content and absolutely no fillers, enhancers, or chemicals. But getting your cat to love fresh food can take time after the years they may have spent eating the fats and flavours in most cat foods.

How to get my cat to love fresh, healthy food

  1. Heat up KatKin on a plate in the microwave for 15 seconds. Cats (like us) find warm food much more appealing! We’ve also included some KatKin sprinkles - add on top of your meal for extra enticing flavour.
  2. Let them smell it: Add a spoonful of KatKin next to your cat’s old food so they become familiar with it. If they don’t try it right away, they may the next day.
  3. Slowly add more KatKin every day: Start mixing KatKin in with your cat’s old food, slowly increasing the amount of KatKin each day.
  4. Then, it’s time for the big switch: Serve KatKin (and only KatKin - no dry or wet food!) for 2 consecutive days. Your cat needs to know that this new, healthy food is the only option - if you leave out other food, they’ll almost always choose what they’re more familiar with. We know the big switch can be hard for cat parents, but know that in the wild cats live naturally in a hunting and fasted state - they can go up to a few days without any food!

Need help?

We’re here to provide guidance or advice on a tough transition. Call us on 01618504600 or email us on to speak to one of our cat experts! 

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