KatKin Home

The Incredible

Cats have always been family

At KatKin we are putting cats first

Molly. Only-child cattitude.

Columbus. Lion of the jungle.

Kiki. Loves an elbow bed.

Hearts of our home

“Cats rule and dogs drool” – Sassy

At 9 and 7 years old, in 1993, we replayed Homeward Bound until the tape broke – Sassy had us memorised. It didn’t take long until we got our own “Sassie”. Sassie and a neighboured Tom gave us Jess and Toepads – tugging at parental heartstrings, they stayed too.

Over the years came Purdy, Gambit, Beluga, Olive and Kyla.

Fast forward to today, Nikki is cat-mum to Kiki & Columbus. Brett cat-dad to Molly. They light up our lives, and now with their relentless meows at KatKin feeding times, they’re our Chief Tasting Officers.

Meet Dr. Justin Shmalberg

To create the food we wanted, we have to make it ourselves!

Beef Recipe (v2 – retired). 5 June 2019.

Nikki at the end of a 9-hour shift. 14 May 2019

Moving into our own kitchen. 15 November 2019.

Creating the world’s best food for cats.

To create the food we wanted, we realised we’d have to make it ourselves! 

Over 8 months, working with Justin, we created 7 delicious recipes that 96% of cats love! We found suppliers who share our enthusiasm to feed cats properly, we cooked weekly, and we delivered on foot to 100 KatKin Club cats in Islington. 

We’re excited to bring the first fresh cooked cat food to Europe! Today we run our own professional kitchen in London, that is fit-for-humans, and deliver across the UK. Our KatKin Club is fast expanding and we’re growing our cat-crazy team in London, to get more fresh cooked food to more cats – for healthier and happier cats!