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Transitioning your cat to Fresh food

KatKin's guide to transitioning your cat to our Fresh meals. 


Your cat is about to start a Fresh new journey, and we’ll be here every step of the way. 

When starting your cat on any new diet (especially one of Fresh, real meat like KatKin’s), it’s important to go slowly. We think the lucky number is anywhere from three to six days. This gives them time for their gut to adjust – we don't want any upset tummies.

First, a few things to keep in mind:

  • Warm it up.  Cats like their food better when it’s not cold. Warming up KatKin in the microwave for a few seconds will boost the delicious aromas for your cat to enjoy.
  • A sprinkle of joy. Top their meals with our delicious KatKin Sprinkles to give some additional flavour. 
  • Slow and steady. Take it as slow as you need. Some cats are natural food sceptics and will take a little longer to get used to the new smells.
  • If in doubt, just shout.  We’re around 7 days a week to help with any worries about your cat’s transition to KatKin. No question is too small. Call, text or whatsapp us on 44-161-850-4600

Now, here’s the plan.

Day 1: Add a teaspoon of warmed up KatKin to your cat’s bowl alongside their old food.

Day 2: Dish up a couple more teaspoons of KatKin and slightly less of their old food.

Day 3: We're halfway there! Their bowl should be equal parts KatKin and their old food.

Day 4: Another day, another spoonful more of KatKin, and less of their old food.

Day 5: Keep going until it’s mostly KatKin and just a small amount of their old food.

Day 6: You’re there! Offer your cat their first big bowl of KatKin and only KatKin. 

6 and Onwards: From here it's important to feed only KatKin! Our Fresh meals are nutritionally complete and personalised to your cat. Putting down other foods will just make them fill up before supper, or put on unwanted weight – so it’s ciao to the bowl of dried biscuits.

If your cat is used to snacking between meals, don’t worry. Cats can easily switch to set meal times. To help them adjust, you can give them small servings of KatKin throughout the day. They might meow for more initially, but this is a natural part of habit curbing and not an indication of their hunger!

Good luck, and let us know how your cat is adjusting to their Fresh new start!