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100% Fresh, real meat.

Only human-quality ingredients.

No fillers, grains or preservatives.

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Your cat deserves better.

Did you know that for cat food to be labelled 'with chicken' it only needs to contain 4% chicken?* Cats are obligate carnivores - that means they need meat to thrive. For healthier, happier lives, cats need and deserve better. 

That’s why our KatKin meals contain 100% real meat, only fresh, human quality ingredients and no fillers, grains or preservatives.

Food that you would eat, for your cat. Delivered to your door. It’s that simple.

*Sourced from FEDIAF's Code of Good Labelling Practice for Pet Food

“80% of parents reported a happier and more playful cat after feeding KatKin.”

Dr. Justin Shmalberg

Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist

Proof is in the Purrs...

Frank went blind around 4 months ago and has been withdrawn and just sleeping all the timeHe's only been eating KatKin for a week but he's engaging again, hanging out with us again and purring a lot more than he was! He loves his KatKin so much! 

Stef & Frank

KatKin is a miracle! Daisy loves her food and she is so much better for eating it. I would give them ten stars if I could.

Sue & Daisy

I was appalled to learn how little meat and good nutrition is in top supermarket brands! Since starting KatKin my boys are much more content, lively and playful. I can't thank KatKin enough for filling this hole in the market."

Carole, Frankie & Bruno

Since Louis has been on KatKin he has not been poorly once... it’s brilliant. I am so pleased he is not suffering anymore. The service is great, the food is great and above all our little man is great!

Brian & Louis

My 20 year old cat was slowly deteriorating on the High Street brands. She is thriving, has put weight on and looks like a younger cat again! I can't thank KatKin enough!

Helen & Zoe

Chouli has a compromised immune system and I've tried a lot of different products. KatKin has been the only one to keep her healthy and happy. It's worth every penny for peace of mind on the quality.

Lisa & Chouli

My boys are delighted with KatKin and have wolfed down every single flavour! My 15 year old boy is looking better than he has in years and is full of mischief again. Their litter tray is also much easier to manage and is now odourless!

Sarah, Balzac & Muzhik

They are thriving. I just wish we’d found KatKin sooner.

Geraldine, Meer & Toaster

Mouse's digestive system is working so much better than when he was on the commercial cat food! He has more energy and his full of mischief

Kerry & Mouse

The benefits your cat will feel

Month 1

Improved digestion and less mess in the box.

Month 2

More energy and playfulness.

Month 3

Shinier coats and fewer hairballs.

Month 4

Healthier, long-term management of weight.

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Cat food. Reinvented.

We reinvented cat food to create 6 healthy, fresh recipes that your cat can choose from. All our recipes are complete and perfectly nutritionally balanced – for cats!


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